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If You Have Trust Issues with Your Partner, Watch This | Relationship Theory

Dating can be an amazing experience, but there can be so much uncertainty in the beginning. How do you start building trust in a new relationship? If you’ve had past experiences that make it difficult to trust people, you may not be so willing to give away your trust, so what do you do with that? Should you optimistically give away your trust until it’s broken, or do you guard your trust until it’s been earned? Tom and Lisa give their take on finding a balance between giving trust and leaving trust to be earned, and it starts brick by brick!



Micro Distrust | Why relationships should start with micro distrust and evolve from there [0:21]

Judging Character | Protecting yourself from people that are guarded and not open [2:05]

Honesty | Tom on being honest and aggressively being yourself in a relationship [2:57]

Brick by Brick | Lisa on how trust is earned through action regardless of intention [5:11]



“It’s like micro distrust followed by a give of trust, followed by earning that trust to keep it.” Tom Bilyeu [0:28]


“I didn’t feel like you were overly trying to be someone or position yourself. You were just being yourself. It felt like well, I can either accept her or not accept her, but didn’t have to guess who her was.” Tom Bilyeu [3:26]


“The reason honesty is better is because of the way that it makes you feel and the way that it opens up for real connection.” Tom Bilyeu [4:38]


“The fact that I can trust you and trust who you are, and trust what you’re going to do with information sensitivity that I give you, allows me to give myself over to you 100%” Lisa Bilyeu [8:43]


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