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How to Create BOUNDARIES and CLARITY in Your Relationship | Relationship Theory

Trying to navigate relationships and not being clear on what your role is or what your partner needs or expects from you can be challenging. There’s been growing discussion around masculine and feminine energy, which one you are, and how to be more magnetic with your partner to keep your spark alive and going. Understanding these polarities and that we all have tendencies and fall on a spectrum can be super helpful in your relationship. Tom and Lisa discuss how masculine and feminine energy appears in their relationship, while diving into the balance, desires, and nature to exist together and step into your role in confidence.



Energy | Tom explains masculine & feminine energy for he and Lisa that helps their spark [1:03]

Femininity | Understanding feminine power and not using that energy against men [3:35]

Hormonal Differences | Acknowledging the hormonal differences of men and women [7:53]

Masculinity | Males nature to be dominant, protective and physically stronger [9:29]

Protective | The intoxication of protective masculine energy and example of overboard [15:01]



“I recognize that using that emotion to manipulate you isn’t a long term solution. So that feminine side to me, I’ve definitely tried to almost push away, because I don’t think it serves me.” Lisa Bilyeu [6:32]


“At the end of the day, there is something sexy about a man who’s prepared to stand up, to be tough to be heard to say like this is the line don’t cross it.” Tom Bilyeu [9:29]



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