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Being a strong independent woman at one point was and still is a badge of honor that successful driven women proudly wear. At what point though, does being strong and independent swing so far that it leaves men feeling unwanted and not needed? Is a man’s desire to carry you at times problematic for the strong independent woman? Where is the balance that allows women to boss up in their professional lives and still allow them to let their guard down and be open and vulnerable with the right man in their personal lives? Tom and Lisa tackle the question, do men want to be with women that need them. Lisa is a powerhouse businesswoman and Tom is a powerhouse entrepreneur as well. How they approach this balance is the insight strong independent women and men need to have better, healthier, loving relationships.


Relationship Theory with Tom and Lisa Bilyeu encourages healthy, loving, life long relationships. Whether you are fresh out of your last relationship, on a break, taking time to heal from a breakup, or looking for ways to strengthen the romance and bond in your current relationship, Tom and Lisa are sharing their 20 years of experience. They’re taking questions and giving relationship advice that will enhance all of your relationships.



You Lead | Tom explains why Lisa being in leadership role doesn’t detract from his value [1:06]

Him Problem| Being secure with the value of providing for a woman & threatened if not [4:48]

Her Problem | Being too strong & prideful, not allowing men to feel needed or valuable [6:10]

Balance | Lisa on women not being so strong you turn him away but not needy also  [7:04]

Need vs. Want | Lisa’s example thinking she needed Tom and realizing she wanted him [8:11]

Being Needed | Tom on the power of being needed & showing up for a strong partner [10:04]

Call Me “Baby” | Tom shares why people call each other “baby” in romantic relationships [12:29]

Constant “You” | How you are the only constant in every relationship you have, own it! [15:47]

Social Proof | Lisa on how to look at other couples to determine if your belief is correct [17:40]



“It’s just smart, to be so emotionally secure, that you can be nimble and say it doesn’t detract from my value for you to be in a leadership position. And I’m very capable of also stepping into that” Tom Bilyeu [4:22]


“People want to feel good. People want to feel like they’re bringing value to a relationship.” Lisa Bilyeu [7:19]


“Being needed is so powerful, and when you’re with somebody who is so strong and confident, the few times you get to really be a hero, and to be useful, you want to make sure that you’re there for that.” Tom Bilyeu [10:25]


“Being needed in a relationship is beautiful.” Lisa Bilyeu [12:02]


“Set your dominant base assumption aside and say, what could this be if it couldn’t be that? What else might it be? See, if you stumble upon something that’s just as plausible” Tom Bilyeu [16:45]


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