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If Your Partner Has A Hard Time Communicating, Watch This | Tom and Lisa Bilyeu

There are so many stereotypes out there for men and women, especially around communication. Women talk more than men. Men talk to get things done, and women talk for emotional connection. While there is a bit of truth in every stereotype, it’s more important to recognize that men and women should be treated as individuals not as categories. If you’re in a relationship with a partner that is way more verbal than you are, we’ve got tips and a few tricks you can use to deepen your connection and make your relationship more meaningful. Regardless if you or your partner prefer to speak less, communication is a must and of the highest importance in any loving and long lasting relationship.


Relationship Theory with Tom and Lisa Bilyeu encourages healthy, loving, life long relationships. Whether you are fresh out of your last relationship, on a break, taking time to heal from a breakup, or looking for ways to strengthen the romance and bond in your current relationship, Tom and Lisa are sharing their 20 years of experience. They’re taking questions and giving relationship advice that will enhance all of your relationships.



Question | How to encourage verbal communication with a partner that doesn’t say much [0:21]

Talkative Partners | Why women have been noted to speak 3 times more than men [0:54]

Quiet Partners | Why being quiet isn’t best for the relationship, externalize something [2:05]

Affirmations | How nodding or words of affirmation can help in communication together [3:29]

Clear Intentions | Importance of being clear about what you need in the moment [4:41]



“Just because he has a desire to be quiet does not mean that’s good for the relationship.” Tom Bilyeu [2:22]


“You have to push yourself, if you’re like, just innately you want to be quiet, and you want to go internal, but the other person needs that then you’ve got to really push.” Tom Bilyeu [3:51]


“Asking you the question of what I’m looking for, I think is important because if you’re not typically a verbal communicator, then I think it’s the other person’s responsibility for saying, this is what I need from you right now.” Lisa Bilyeu [6:12]


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