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Tips To Being Likeable and Confident in Video Chats and Zoom Calls

By August 12, 2020 Women of Impact

Vanessa Van Edwards, professional investigator into the science of human behavior, used to try so hard to be someone she wasn’t. Thankfully, she got tired of pretending, and decided to embrace her real self. And now she devotes her time and energy to helping others present their own authentic selves in the most likeable and powerful way. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Vanessa Van Edwards explains the best way to deal with video calls, job interviews, and even first dates. Those best practices include some surprising insights, including reasons why you might want to wear perfume and high heels in a video call interview, why you should use a real background instead of a virtual one, and why it’s better to reveal your inadequacies and insecurities sooner rather than later.


Vanessa spent about a decade trying to fake it, and then she got tired of it [2:04]

There’s actually more cognitive load on a video call than in real life [4:02]

The background people see behind you in a video call says a lot about you [8:33]

Interviewers are doing tons of interviews now, and they’re tired of conformity [10:52]

Your first impressions now include your visual background along with facial expressions [13:30]

How formally should you dress for a video call? Should you wear perfume? [15:25]

Vanessa explains why you should quickly reveal your secrets on dates or interviews [19:38]

Vanessa explains why even a 1.2 second delay causes people to like you less [21:20]

Vanessa discusses why in work calls you should show some of your upper body [26:03]

Vanessa describes the importance of hand gestures, and talks about how to use them [27:06]

We now have a brief window where we can create our own rules for dating [29:40]

You can have fun with video calls in ways that wouldn’t be possible in real life [33:04]

Vanessa discusses what the future holds for Zoom calls and in-person meetings [37:10]











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