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If Diets Haven't Fixed Your Relationship with Food, Watch This

By October 17, 2019 Health Theory

Dr. Will Cole believes we are living through a crisis of chronic inflammation, and that it affects every aspect of physical and mental health. On this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Will Cole explains the wide range of issues that cause inflammation, from sugar and pesticides to mental baggage and past traumas. He also offers very concrete advice on how to figure out exactly where you are on the inflammation spectrum, improve your diet, and deal with self-sabotaging behavior.



Will describes excessive, chronic inflammation as the disease of modernity [1:40]

Will explains the difference between genetics and epi-genetics [3:23]

Will describes the most common causes of chronic inflammation, especially food [5:03]

Will describes the inflammation spectrum, and the 7 areas where inflammation occurs [6:46]

Tom talks about his low-grade anxiety, and Will shows his process for helping a client [8:03]

Will discusses how inflammation is showing up even in very young people [13:25]

Will talks about what to do when you are not resistant to sugar and carbs [16:13]

Will explains what makes a ketogenic diet beneficial [17:03]

Will describes self-sabotage, how baggage and trauma harms their diet [20:16]

“You can’t heal a body that you hate.” [22:16]

Will describes the science and the art of functional medicine [24:05]

Will explains why he migrated away from being vegan [26:04]

Will talks about the most common vegetarian mistakes [28:29]

Will and Tom discuss the carnivore diet, which Will is surprisingly supportive of [29:44]

Will explains how harmful bacteria can survive much longer than anyone would expect [33:11]

Tom and Will discuss whether a carnivore diet can provide all necessary nutrients [35:02]

Will describes the benefits of intermittent fasting [36:45]

Will advocates cutting sugar out, calling sugar a recreational drug [40:02]

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