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There is a hidden power within you, covered up and suppressed by our modern way of living and thinking. Through a disciplined practice of cold water therapy, breathing, and mind-body connection, you can awaken the lost powers of your DNA and enter into a place of healing not possible even through todays modern medical practices. On this episode of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu is joined by Wim Hof, better known as The Iceman,to discuss such matters and more as they explore how to unlock your brain, spirit, and bodys true potential by connecting to your ancestral DNA and uncovering the true depths of yourself. They discuss Wims early life and its influence on him towards finding his purpose, how to gain complete control over your body, why you should be seeking the light inside you, why respecting your ancestral history is important, how to enter into your own DNA and grasp your true purpose, how to think with intention, the power of seeking true freedom, why you have to learn to let go before all else, the scientific proof behind his methods, how his methods are leading to the curing of diseases and illnesses, and why there is a hidden healing power within you.


Mindset | Wim shares his personal story of his dramatic birth and entering the world. [0:14]

Finding Purpose | Wim reveals how cold water practices became his purpose. [3:17]

Being Different | Wim reveals why cold therapy leads to breakthroughs for humankind. [5:52]

Complete Control | Wim reveals how he was able to control the vagus nerve. [10:39]

The Light | Wim reveals why your purpose is the life that flows through you. [12:21]

Ancestry | Wim reveals why you should have respect for your ancestry. [15:35]

DNA | Wim reveals how to enter into your DNA and grasp the purpose of your being. [16:40]

Go Inside | Wim reveals how to enter into the unlimited power of your own brain. [18:21]

Intention | Wim reveals the power of thinking with intention on the body. [20:01]

True Freedom | Wim reveals his journey of seeking true free thinking. [23:29]

Letting Go | Wim reveals the benefits of letting go of what you have to do.[25:16]

Under a Spell | Wim reveals the dangerous spell most of the world falls under. [26:00]

Seeing More | Wim discusses how he overcame in his wifes suicide. [29:25]

It Works | Wim reveals why his techniques work fast and effectively. [35:52]

Breathing | Wim reveals the healing power of his breathing exercises. [37:45]

Heat | Wim reveals how he was able to run a marathon in the desert without water. [42:59]

Connect | Wim reveals how to stay connected and follow him for more. [47:11]


You said, Im doing right now, with top researchers, on DNA to show that we have the absolute influence neurologically at will to enter into our own ancestral encrypted codes of the DNA, our genetic past, to enlighten our past right here in the moment.” [6:15]

So, if we go for the best within ourselves for a freedom, a fearless state of being, a very powerful being that is not being withheld by anything. If you like that, then you have to go and deal with the encrypted codes in the DNA and release it.[16:07]

“…I recommend this for everybody who suffers. From people who are suicidal or tragic deaths, go into the cold water. It makes your body able to reset, to find the energy, the purpose again.[32:10]


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