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Five Powerful Women Give You the Real Story on Success | Women of Impact

By September 4, 2019 Women of Impact

It’s time to celebrate the one year anniversary of Women of Impact! This week’s episode features the best success tips from the billionaires, entrepreneurs, and life coaches that Lisa Bilyeu has interviewed. These trail-blazing women share the secrets to taking risks, taking time for yourself, earning respect and opening doors for the women who come after you. Several lifetimes of wisdom are condensed into one thirty-minute segment. Here is what any woman who wants to achieve needs to know.



Tip #1: Get sh*t done. Dia Simms discusses excellence [0:56]

Tip #2: Face your fears. Lori Harder explains how to always move forward [2:38]

Lori talks about how your fears are the key to your wildest dreams [3:43]

Cindy Eckert describes taking on serious challenges, like the FDA [5:51]

Constance Schwartz-Morini talks about earning respect [8:21]

Constance shares her story of working with Snoop [9:59]

Dia advocates taking more risk [11:54]

Tip #3: Know your worth. Patrice Washington says, brag about yourself [13:14]

Tip #4: Avoid burnout. Constance advocates taking real time for yourself [17:07]

Tip #5: Be you. Natalie MacNeil advocates revealing yourself [20:28]

Cindy discusses the pros and cons of not being what people expect [24:14]


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