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If You've Ever Been Hated On, You Must Watch This.

By August 7, 2019 Women of Impact

Social media is famous for spite and drama, but it has also transformed people’s lives and allowed whole communities to be built around common interests. On this episode of Women of Impact, social media titans iJustine, Cassey Ho and Lisa Bilyeu discuss the opportunities and dangers of today’s internet. This elite panel tackles the foremost issues of the social media age, including body image, the difference between spite and constructive criticism, and how to tell when you are sharing too much online.



The panel talks about how they dealt with their first negative comment [5:30]

How do you know the difference between constructive criticism and spite? [9:06]

The panel talks about how to know when you are sharing too much [11:24]

The panel discusses how to deal with social media being fueled by drama [14:50]

The panel describes the responsibility they feel they have [18:15]

The panel talks about how social media has positively changed their lives [21:34]

The panel discusses how much you can learn on the internet [25:13]

Do you choose to use social media for good or for bad? [26:08]

Cassey explains why the “Perfect Body” video was healing for her [27:43]

The panel advocates using empathy and kindness [29:05]

Each member of the panel defines the best and worst thing about social media [31:11]

Cassey and iJustine share their superpower [32:45]



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