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This Is A Conversation Every Woman Needs to Hear

By May 8, 2019 Women of Impact

This week’s episode of Women of Impact features two guests in a special talk on motherhood, careers and family.  Sanja Hatter, wife and co-founder of the purpose driven company Thrive. Lilian Garcia is WWE host, singer and speaker who has performed in front of hundreds of millions of people and has been featured, well literally everywhere.


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How Sanja’s upbringing shaped her views on motherhood [06:00]

The reason Lilian focused on her career over kids [09:21]

What it feels like to lose control [13:19]

Is it selfish to not have kids? [14:28]

Why we judge other women, even when we make the same choice [18:48]

Tips for not feeling guilty for your choices [21:51]

The freedom that comes with not having kids [30:09]

Why it’s normal to struggle as a new mom [31:38]

The importance staying authentic through the hate [36:02]

Battling with making the right choice for the long term [38:10]

The sacrifices moms have to make [41:00]

How to analyze if having kids is the right choice for you [43:06]

Why having a nanny isn’t a bad thing [45:23]

The importance of choosing your words carefully [46:36]



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