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Why You Need to Accept Yourself Before You Can Love Yourself

By December 19, 2018 Women of Impact

Join Ashley Crouch, Visibility Strategist and professional writer, Rachele Brooke Smith, professional dancer and actress, and Danny J, serial entrepreneur, cover model, and health expert as they sit together with Lisa to discuss the crucial concept of body image. These three powerhouse women dive deep into exploring what it means to feel beautiful as a woman and how to fall in love with yourself first.

If this body wasn’t mine would I still hate it? [3:55] The reality of the self-love evolution [7:07] Accepting yourself in a culture of rejection [7:49] The standards of beauty as a cultural construct [12:54] Identifying yourself outside of how you look [15:00] Shifting the narrative behind body-image [17:55] Changing the perspective of body-imagery on social media [21:29] The danger of using beauty as a tool for power [26:01] Training yourself not to listen to your negative voice [33:01] Consciously planting affirmations in your state of mind [39:29] Reprogramming yourself through repetitive self-affirmation [42:16] Asking yourself questions [43:20] Knowledge is power [45:27] Ashley’s superpower of celebration [49:18] Danny’s superpower of laughter and cheer [49:44] Rachele’s superpower of gratitude [50:24]

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