Zelana Montminy

If We Anchor Our Goals In Happiness, We’re Set Up For Failure

By February 27, 2019 Women of Impact

This week’s guest on Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu is Dr. Zelena Montminy.  Dr. Zelena is a wellness architect and the author of 21 Days to Resilience. In this episode, she talks about positive psychology, how to architect your best life, and  how to maintain great emotional health no matter what you face in life.


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Why we shouldn’t focus on being happy [02:29]

Are we approaching gratitude in the wrong way? [05:25]

How to let go of the need to feel perfect [07:48]

The first step to feeling good enough [09:28]

Why challenges are actually great [13:22]

How to detach yourself from your emotions and feel them at the same time  [16:00]

Why being able to pivot is essential [18:26]

How kids train you to be flexible [19:54]

The things you’re probably doing that are destroying your kid’s confidence [22:12]

Why “balance” doesn’t exist [27:53]

How to find meaning in everything you do [29:35]

Tactics to become more present [31:36]

The connection between what we eat and how we feel [32:47]

Why we all need to prioritize sleep [35:06]

Is there a difference between being resilient and being unbreakable? [38:00]

Why we all de-prioritize our mental health [39:03]

How to celebrate failure [40:55]

The biggest thing Zelana had to change to become resilient [44:22]



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