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Dean Graziosi

Real estate entrepreneur and philanthropist Dean Graziosi embodied the “mind over matter” practice to extraordinary le [..]

The Secret to Believing In Yourself

Having roles on Reading Rainbow, Star Trek, and Roots might be enough for many to coast off of but LeVar Burton refuses to get com [..]

Critical Success Tips from Impactful Women

Making an impact means not only changing the game you’re playing in but setting an example for those that come after you. Al [..]

How to Use Pain to Become the Best In the World

Skate pioneer Rodney Mullen innovated the sport with so many game-changing tricks he is commonly referred to as “The Godfather o [..]

What It Takes to Become Great

2X Olympian Donald Suxho had to risk a lot to achieve his Volleyball dreams. From the dangers and discomfort of leaving his commun [..]

How to Become Extraordinary In Any Field

Footballer turned dance star, Will “Willdabeast” Adams took the attention earned on America’s Got Talent and bec [..]

How to Turn Depression Into Millions

YouTube Superwoman Lilly Singh turned making videos to break out of her depression, into a million-dollar entertainment empire. Af [..]

Your Brain Is Holding You Back

Motivational speaker and transformation coach Garrain Jones has read The Power of Positive Thinking over 200 times to reinforce th [..]

Why Giving Everything Away Will Make You Rich

Entrepreneur David Meltzer had to lose millions and strain relationships to realize his definition of success wasn’t making [..]

How to Reinvent Yourself At Any Age

Rushion McDonald is a modern day renaissance man whose career accomplishments range from comedy titles to award-winning baking to [..]

What Everyone Struggling Needs to Know Right Now

Ed Mylett went from showering at public pools because he was beyond broke to becoming one of the youngest CEO MD’s in World Fina [..]

What You Need to Know About the Future

Futurist-Inventor Ray Kurzweil sees a world coming where humans merge with technology allowing us to literally upgrade our life sp [..]

How to Hack Your Way Into Success at Anything

Alex Banayan dropped out of college to hunt down and ask legends like Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Maya Angelou and more how they [..]

How to Achieve Ultra High Performance

Over the years Dr. Michael Gervais has helped Super Bowl winners, Olympic gold medalists, Fortune 500 companies and more dominate [..]

How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind

Dr. Joe Dispenza is teaching the world how to empower and heal our mind through meditation and mindfulness. His studies have prove [..]

How to Go From Rock Bottom to the Top

Fitness world champion Lori Harder has learned the highs and low are all necessary for real change. Growing up an overweight outca [..]

The Secret to Making Powerful Friends

Jordan Harbinger is a former Wall Street lawyer who learned how to effectively network and build relationships to survive in a com [..]

How to Stop Being Realistic and Shoot for the Moon

Jesse Itzler is a self-proclaimed adrenaline-junkie taking on and pulling off unlikely challenges such as founding a private jet c [..]

How to Build Success from Nothing

Bedros Keuilian’s rise as a successful entrepreneur and CEO of fitness franchise Fit Body Boot Camp is a product of his struggle [..]

The Power of Being Lost

Wired Magazine co-founder Kevin Kelly will take first-hand experience over information he is simply given any day. His studies on [..]

Mental health isn’t discussed as much as physical health, but it absolutely should be. In support of May’s Mental Health Aware [..]

How to Be an Exceptional Leader

As the Chaplain for the Seattle Seahawks and pastor of a massive congregation that counts names like Justin Bieber and Tim Tebow a [..]

Why You Should Be Optimistic About the Future

Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist following in the footsteps of Einstein. With his String Field Theory, he aims to crack open [..]

How to Be an Adaptation Machine

With 400 patents to his name, Dean Kamen is an accomplished inventor that’s given the world major contributions like the Seg [..]

How to Take Control of Your Reality

Isaac Lidsky has been a child actor, Supreme Court litigator, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and just happens to be blind. Aft [..]

The Power of Vulnerability

Olympic volleyball legend Kerri Walsh Jennings embodies greatness. Not only that, she is as open about her insane ambition as she [..]

How to Become Aware of Your Blind Spots

Bryan Johnson rewrote his story as someone coming from a family with financial hardships and drug addiction problems, to founding [..]

How to Be a Linchpin

More than being the best-selling author of books like Linchpin and Tribes, or the disruptive founder of Squidoo and Yoyodyne, Seth [..]

How to Become Unbreakable

All-American footballer Devon Still miraculously fought his way back from career-threatening injuries until he reached his goal of [..]

A Future Without Death

Dr. Bob Hariri is an accomplished Air Force pilot, neurosurgeon, biomedical scientist, and self-made billionaire entrepreneur. But [..]

How to Find Your Purpose

Jay Shetty is making wisdom go viral. After spending years on the road studying as a monk he re-entered the world and began scalin [..]

What You Need to Be the Best

Nastia Liukin became a five-time Olympic medalist and tied for the third-highest tally of World Championship medals by any U.S. gy [..]

Choose Progress Over Perfection

Look past his skateboard in the Smithsonian and his billion-dollar video game franchise, and you will find pure resiliency in Tony [..]

Why Success Isn’t the Answer

Between his two hit songs “Cooler Than Me” and “I Took A Pill In Ibiza,” Grammy-nominated musician Mike Posner found himse [..]

How to Get Clarity in Your Life

MTV’s hit shows Rob & Big, Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness are what he is most known for, but along with being a professi [..]

The Keys to a Good Life

Ryan Holiday makes Stoic philosophy sound like an everyday conversation. Through his books, The Obstacle is the Way and Ego is the [..]

How to Totally Reinvent Yourself

Tucker Max transformed himself in ways most people wouldn’t have predicted. He’s evolved from writing New York Times best-sell [..]

To help you kick-start this New Year the right way we’ve compiled the most actionable insights centered on the art of execu [..]

How to Master Mental Toughness

Guinness World Record-setting triathlete James Lawrence has accomplished feats many once called impossible. His ability to push hi [..]

The Unexpected Power of Love

WWE Superstar Thaddeus Bullard aka Titus O’Neil doesn’t believe in the word “can’t” and has every re [..]

Why Genius Doesn't Matter

At the age of 14 Taylor Wilson became the 32nd person in human history to achieve nuclear fusion. By the time he reached high scho [..]

How to Become a High Performer

Brendon Burchard literally wrote the book on High Performance Habits. From Fortune 50 CEOs to professional athletes and celebritie [..]

Why Grinding Isn't Enough

Tai Lopez is living proof that the rich and famous entrepreneurial lifestyle is possible for the Millennial generation. Over the c [..]

How to Find the Superhero Within

Darryl “DMC” McDaniels is one of the most iconic hip-hop artists of all time. One-third of the legendary trio Run DMC, he play [..]

The Keys to Building Character

Leila Janah didn’t have the money to start her company, but she didn’t let that hold her back. She paid her way through Harvar [..]

What Makes A Real Man?

What does it mean to be masculine? In his fascinating new book, best-selling author, speaker, and high-performance coach Lewis How [..]

The Science of Limiting Beliefs

Dr. Crystal Dilworth is proving that STEM is for anyone willing to dive headlong into the unknown. Her amazing TEDx talk, delivere [..]

Why Getting Fired Is a Blessing

Fired twice in her 20s, Sarah Robb O’Hagan struggled with a nearly constant fear of being fired and fought to find her lane. She [..]

Why It’s Time to Blend Science and Religion

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll was Mastin Kipp’s 21-year-old lifestyle until it got him fired. When he was pulled over for suspic [..]

How to Get More Done

When people told Gary Davis that he would never become the first Native American rapper, he created his own record label and signe [..]

The Keys to Building Grit and Discipline

Maria Sharapova moved to the U.S. during the collapse of the Soviet Union when she was just six years old. Though she did not spea [..]

How to Go From Failing Student to Rocket Scientist

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the struggles of growing up in South Central, Los Angeles. Olympia LePoint [..]

Why You Need to Make Play a Priority

When he realized that his anger and rebelliousness were leading him down the wrong path, Preston Smiles asked his parents to send [..]

The Pitfalls of Parenting (and How to Avoid Them)

Dr. Shefali, a clinical psychologist and best-selling author of the book The Awakened Family, has sparked a parenting revolution. [..]

How To Laugh In the Face of Danger

Before he was the “Jon Stewart of Egypt,” Bassem Yousseff was a heart surgeon in Cairo with no online following. But when the [..]

How Your Personality Can Sabotage Your Success

Eric Barker is redefining the rules of success. Leaving behind an illustrious career as a screenwriter for Disney and Fox, Eric tu [..]

How to Defeat Depression and End Excuses

After watching the Twin Towers collapse on 9/11, Noah Galloway immediately enlisted in the military at just 21 years old. Three mo [..]

Want to develop self-awareness, cultivate mental toughness, or get better at problem-solving? Here are Impact Theory’s best brai [..]

How to Liberate Yourself from Social Anxiety

Captivate is more than just the title of her new book, it is the effect that Vanessa Van Edwards has on audiences through her vide [..]

Why ADD Is a Superpower

Jason Mayden, co-founder of Super Heroic, was the lead designer for the Air Jordan, the highest grossing Nike shoe in history. In [..]

Why A.I. Will Save The World

Named one of Fortune’s “50 greatest leaders of all time,” Peter Diamandis is disrupting education and business through his 1 [..]

Why It’s Time to Redefine the Comeback Story

Jay Williams is one of the most accomplished college basketball players of all time. And with predictions of becoming the next Mic [..]

Why Perspective Will Make or Break You

Gary Vaynerchuk did not speak a word of English when he emigrated from the former Soviet Union to the United States. He was failin [..]

Why Curiosity Will Save the World

Naveen Jain’s laser focus on solving big problems has made him one of the most important voices in entrepreneurship today. He wa [..]

Defining the Entrepreneur of Tomorrow

Everyone thought that Gerard was going to fail when he dropped out of college. But what they didn’t know is what he lacked i [..]

How To Unlock Genius and Uncover Your Superpower

Jim Kwik is a globally recognized leader in memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning. In his lifetime, he's [..]

The Bleeding Edge of Human Optimization

Meet the man, Dr. Andy Walshe, who led the performance team for Red Bull Stratos — the group that helped Felix Baumgartner w [..]

Dreaming Beyond Limitations

Three-time Grammy award winning lyricist and multi-instrumentalist Wyclef Jean started a movement as the founding and guiding memb [..]

How To Make Yourself Immune to Pain

Determined to become the ‘hardest man alive,’ David Goggins is the only member of the U.S. Armed Forces to have completed Navy [..]

How to Bend Reality to Your Will and Become Unstoppable

From robbing banks to earning a PhD in neuroscience, former hacker Moran Cerf has a unique perspective on what makes people tick. [..]

The Power of Rejection

John Paul DeJoria is a rare breed of entrepreneur: equal parts gritty resourcefulness and deep compassion, his early days of door [..]

Building Your Brain for Success

Named as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine, V.S. Ramachandran sits down with Tom Bilyeu on Impa [..]

Owning Who You Are

The energy that Jessica O. Matthews generates with her renewable energy company, Uncharted Play, and her magnetic personality is e [..]

Cultivating a Powerful Worldview

The Nerdwriter aka Evan Puschak takes deep thinking to a whole new level. In this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Evan t [..]

Why Motivation Is Garbage

Mel Robbins is a powerhouse speaker with one of the top 20 TEDx talks in the world. This former criminal defense attorney turned o [..]

Why Disgust Is the Best Motivation

At an early point in his secondary education, Dr. Drew Pinsky found himself debating whether he should become a doctor or an opera [..]

The New Structure of Infinite Possibility

David Eagleman was always filled with wonder by the things he didn’t understand. The writer and the presenter of the amazing int [..]

The Keys to Radical Disruption

Jay Samit has developed disruptive solutions for brands like Coca-Cola, Disney, and Microsoft, and he has helped grow multi-billio [..]

How to Cultivate Mental Toughness

Amelia Boone, corporate attorney at global powerhouse Apple by day and obstacle course-racing machine by night, lets nothing hold [..]

Reinventing from Within

Wrongfully convicted at the age of 17, and sentenced to 28 years in a maximum security prison, Jarrett Adams felt lost on lockdown [..]

The Future Is Your Brain on Drugs

Meet the man to whom Fortune 500 companies like Cisco, Nike, and Google look to help unlock peak employee performance. Jamie Wheal [..]

Super Learning and Pushing the Limits

Impossible is a not a word that exists in Tim Ferriss’ vocabulary. Ever learning and testing new theories, Tim Ferriss is living [..]

Escaping The Matrix and Finding Happiness

Wake Up Happy is not only the title of his New York Times best-selling book, it’s something that Michael Strahan does every [..]

Turning Rebellion Into Excellence

As the daughter of the most famous boxer in the world, Laila Ali had an upbringing that was anything but normal. Early on she deal [..]

Breaking All the “Brules”

Vishen Lakhiani discovered that if he was going to stay true to his inner identity he was going to have to break some “brule [..]

The Dangers of Playing It Safe

Award-winning photographer and founder of CreativeLive Chase Jarvis is one of the top 30 photographers of the past decade. In this [..]

How to Win, Even When You Lose

Two-time Olympic Gold medalist and the youngest to ever win the US Open Shaun White learned the value of putting in work at an ear [..]

Overcoming Anxiety and Finding Flow

Emmy-nominated host of Brain Games, the highest-rated show in National Geographic’s history, Jason Silva is a masterful content [..]

Destroying the Status Quo

Although he had one of the most dominate NFL careers of all time, Terrell Owens had a less than traditional path to superstardom. [..]


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