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Betrayal in any relationship is so difficult to deal with, but when it’s in a romantic relationship it’s even messier. Everyon [..]
Tom & Lisa

The Blueprint for Managing Money Like Happy Couples | Relationship TheoryEver argued about money in your relationship? Maybe sometimes felt guilty about not contributing money to the relationship? In this episode of Relationship Theory, Lisa and Tom Bilyeu sit down and share how they manage and talk about money in a way that deepened their love, respect, and overall relationship. Watch this episode to learn their proven strategies and plug them into your relationship to create the loving, lasting relationship you always dreamed about. After you watch this episode, you´ll be able to: Split money in a way that is fair for both sides. See the value you bring to your relationship, even when it´s not money. Make your partner feel good about staying at home. Know how to stop feeling guilty for not contributing monetarily. Avoid the critical mistake most people make that ruins their relationship. SHOW NOTES: Why Lisa doesn’t like being called a housewife and the unusual name Tom called her instead, that made her instantly feel good about what she was doing. [1:26] The open conversation about money you need to have, so both of you feel equally contributing to the relationship. [3:12] Why the money should be split 50/50 and how that is fair for both sides. (Even when only one partner goes to work. [4:13] How Lisa can spend money on shoes & Tom on video games without feeling guilty or ask for permission (Even when spending the money seems stupid for the partner.) [5:19] The critical mistake most people make that ruins their relationship. (And how to prevent it.) [6:49] The foundation that makes a relationship worth making sacrifices for. [7:46] Two strategies you can use to instantly stop feeling guilty about not contributing monetarily. [9:38] Lisa’s strategy to feel like an independent woman instead of a maid while managing the household. [10:23] QUOTES: “If we are coming into this as a partnership. If we decided this is what we are doing as a partnership. You´re gonna go to work every day, and I'm gonna stay at home and work on the “Bilyeu Enterprises” then whatever money comes in should be 50/50…” [4:13] “If I put myself in a position of power, that feels great for me, but it disempowers you, and it's gonna feel terrible for you. That just seemed so obvious to me, that it's a terrible long term strategy...” [6:49] FOLLOW TOM: Instagram: YouTube: Podcast: FOLLOW LISA: Instagram: YouTube: Podcast:


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