Seane Corn

If You Ever Experience Anxiety, Try These Tips to Overcome It

By September 11, 2019 Women of Impact

Seane Corn overcame OCD and severe anxiety, not to mention drug abuse, through yoga and spiritual practice. Now she is part of the revolution of the soul, practicing radical healing, conscious action, and guiding people to self-awareness. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Seane Corn shares her history with trauma, explains how to identify and change the stories we tell ourselves, and describes how she healed herself with yoga.



Seane shares her history with OCD, anxiety and drug abuse [3:00]

Seane explains what caused her to move away from drugs and towards yoga [8:21]

Seane describes what kept her going when yoga at first made anxiety worse [12:26]

Seane and Lisa discuss trauma and the misconceptions surrounding it [14:23]

Seane talks about the connection between mind, body and soul [20:58]

Seane explains how to identify and unravel the stories we tell ourselves [23:43]

Seane rejects “white saviorism” and confronts her own power and privilege [27:00]

Seane advocates confronting your own participation in oppressive systems [31:18]

Seane describes the process for dealing with harmful attitudes and behaviors [33:30]

Seane explains how to understand intergenerational trauma [37:09]

Seane hopes that her book inspires people to love and serve peace [38:32]

Seane shares her superpower [40:15] Taking into account this text, it should still be noted that it is possible to improve what is described by introducing game techniques, a striking example of which is the experience of Desura. But in this case, all this will become more reminiscent of the plot of popular kizi games and not what is described initially here.







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