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This is How You COMMUNICATE to Get What YOU WANT | Relationship Theory

Getting to know your partner when the relationship is still new can be both exciting and stressful. Learning each other’s likes and dislikes, how to communicate and what their expectations are is uncharted territory for you both. Tom and Lisa share the perfect example of how critical communication is for making sure you get what you want, and more importantly, how to set your partner up for the win rather than being upset that your expectations haven’t been met. This episode is a lesson for both men and women on communication to make sure you get what you want.



Don’t Test Me | Lisa shares the lesson of her and Tom not testing each other [0:22]

Expectations | Tom explains the stress of expectations not communicated [2:48]

Setup the Win | Lisa on how to set your partner up to succeed and not fail you [3:34]



“If someone has spent year and years really working and showing how much they love, you can’t just then think that it doesn’t count on this one day because they’ve forgotten” Lisa Bilyeu [3:22]


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